The author is Daria Trutneva

How to Let the Perfect Relationships come into Your Life

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After reading this book you will:

Understand why many people cannot create the relationship of their dreams. Get 7 practical tasks that will bring you closer to a perfect relationship, even if you are alone now
Understand why many people cannot enjoy getting more money and perfect relations at the same time. And learn how not fall into this trap
Understand what qualities prevent you from being happy in a relationship and learn how to transform them
You will receive a step-by-step instruction that will bring you to the desired relationship..

About the author

Daria Trutneva

The founder of the "Super Ego" international company. The author of the Master Kit method for comfortable achievement of goals.

The author of the books: "How to let the perfect relationships flow into your life" and "How to let big money flow into your life"

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